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You've proabablu been asked this before but since a lot of the fandom knows you, how do you feel about How to Train Your Dragon? Do you like it?






How to Train Your Dragon?

Is that the kids movie?  The animated one?  What, do they, like, train dragons?  Or something?  In a fantastical Viking world?

That sounds totally dumb and not at all like something I would obsess over to the point of reblogging fan art or writing fanfiction or watching whenever I was feeling down or going to the midnight premiere of the sequel or preordering the sequel as soon as the option was available or pulling an all-nighter for the sake of marathoning the movies and all shorts on repeat.

It sucks. Don’t ever watch it. Gay dragons.  Hummus.  Nasty.

Shitty designs too like fuckugly dragons man. Why cant they just be like. Normal dragons.

oh, ewww, I’ve heard of the dragons movie thing… how i met your dragon or whatever… I think the mai character is called Hiccup? what a dumb name! he’s just some whiny mary sue. They even made a sequel, you should look at the guy in the sequel, he looks ABSURD. So ugly. And that blonde girl, Aster or whatever, she’s so fake. Ew. And yeah the dragons are just silly.

Hate that film

Eret son of Eret

Thank you, for saving my life.

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Finally, a character with brown eyes

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